The MAC software v1.2 is now ready for the EW4009 Solar energy monitor.

You will need WinZip to install the program, if you don't already have this you can download it for free here:

There are still a few issues and bugs that need resolving which we are working on, please advise of any issues or bugs you find and we will correct ongoing.

  • The data export function and the reports function are now working.
  • Report functions is now working (we will improve).
  • We have changed the way in which the data file function works; it is better if you remove the old data file as well as old software:

For existing users to update the software:

  1. Delete RealTime.dat file at C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\WattsClever folder with XXX is user name of windows account. 
  2. Uninstall old version of the software
  3. A REBOOT is recommended.
  4. Download, save, and install the ZIP file below for the latest version.
  5. Connect device to software.

For new users:

  1. Download, save, and install the ZIP file below.