This is caused by interference from other products using the same type of radio frequency. Occasionally when the socket is in learning mode it will pick up stray signals from other equipment (such as remote car keys) and learn these as well. The solution is to clear the existing codes from the socket and then recode again as follows:

1. Whilst the socket is off hold down the on/off button on the front of the socket for about 3 seconds until the light flashes slowly.

2. Press and hold the ALL OFF button on the remote control for about three seconds until the light on the SOCKET flashes quickly and then slowly again. The codes have now been cleared.

3. Press the button on the remote control you wish to use to control the socket. Hold the remote control close to the socket whilst doing this. The socket is now re-coded.

Also if you have several other products close by that are using 433Mhz RF then if this first step doesn't solve it then turn them off whilst you code the sockets.

We have a small number of products where this problem has persisted, this has been resolved for all future products. If you cannot solve this using the above information then please return the product for a replacement.