If you get the screen message on your device as below it can be one of several issues:

  • You have entered the wrong password for the network.

Please check the password is correct, use the check box to show the password

  • Your device is not connected to the same network as the INPLUG is trying to connect to.

If you have multiple networks in the house/office make sure your phone/tablet is connected to the one with the strongest signal nearest the INPLUG. It is better to turn off other WiFi networks in the vicinity if possible whilst completing the connection process to avoid conflicts with different networks. Once the INPLUG is connected then you can turn them on again.

  • You are trying to connect to a 5GHz network.

The INPLUG will only operate on 2.4GHz networks. Routers with a 5GHz connection will also have a 2.4GHz connection please check you router instructions to ensure they operate separately and do not use the same SSID (network name).