These BT hubs have a dual band operation but use the same SSID (network name), this can cause connection problems for the INPLUG and other 2.4GHz devices.

The solution is quite straight forward as below and means naming the 2.4G and the 5G channels with separate names (SSID): 

5GHz wireless channel on the Hub 4 or Hub 5?

The default Hub 4 and Hub 5 wireless settings mean that both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands use the same network name (or SSID). You'll find this on the Hub settings card on the back of the Hub.

When your dual band device connects to wireless it chooses which band to connect to, depending on how far it is from the Hub and the wireless signal strength.

It is possible to change the Hub settings so that your device can only connect to the 5GHz or the 2.4Ghz band.

Here's how:

  1. Open your web browser on a computer or device connected to the Hub and go tohttp://bthomehub.home. This will open the Hub Manager
  2. Click on Advanced Settingsand enter your Hub admin password when prompted. Unless you've changed it, you'll find the default Hub password on the Hub settings card
  3. Click on Continue to Advanced Settings
  4. Click on Wireless
  5. Click on 5GHz
  6. Change 'Sync with 2.4 Ghz' to No
  7. Change the "Wireless SSID" to a new name
  8. Click Apply to save the changes 

When connecting to a wireless network, you will now see both the old network name (SSID) which can be used for 2.4GHz connections and the new name you choose for the 5GHz band.

You must ensure that the INPLUG and your device used for the connection sync are both on the same 2.4G network for the connection process.