EW4008/9 USB driver won't install (error code 10)

Unfortunately we were supplied with a batch of cables that contained fake chips. These cables can cause installation errors and need to be replaced. Please contact support@wattsclever.com and request a replacement cable.

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    russell watson

    I seem unable to receive data from the EW4008, how do you know if your cable is one supplied with a fake chip.  Is there a serial number range affected

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    Jodi Bussell

    Hello Russell,

    there will be a driver related error message. Please contact support@wattsclever.com or submit a ticket and we will assist you with your problem.

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    Frans Van Schie

    I cannot find or see thus it work on a Mac?

    connected the cable I cannot see that no connection.

    why is it not working on wifi that would be so much better sindse part is wireless



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    Jodi Bussell

    Hello Frans,

    the software is not Mac compatible. You can find the system requirements in the software instructions here http://support.wattsclever.com/entries/22053372-Software-for-EW4008.


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    The problem of failure to install the driver is unlikely to be "fake chips" in the supplied cable as is claimed. I suffered this problem in April 2013. Took a long time to figure it out and find a fix. Here are my results:

    1. The** various **Prolific and Watts Clever drivers all work OK for Windows 7 and XP but not for Windows 8.

    1. The reason is that the original Watts Clever supplied cable (and also the supposedly updated replacement one from Watts Clever) both use an obsolete (not fake) Prolific chip. Prolific specifically states that Win 8 is NOT supported for these OLD chips.

    2. The solution is complicated but do-able. First remove completely all traces of the current version driver from your PC (that supplied by Watts Clever!) and then...

    3. Go to the Prolific website and read some of the stuff there.

    4. Find, download and install Prolific driver version date 31/07/2007 or earlier. Newer drivers do NOT work with Win8.

    5. Driver installation is tricky because Windows keeps trying to install later versions if it finds them. I can't now remember exactly what I did but you have to keep trying until the yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager is gone.

    Best of luck.

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    Mike Parfitt

    I have had the same issue on and off over a couple of years with W7. (suddenly the data transfer stops working). I have supposedly "fully uninstalled the drivers", including restarting to enable me to install the 3.3 drivers over again. Sometimes it works. Then I hit on this site, and lo and behold, despite uninstalling, when I went to "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" as suggested in the web page below, there were three versions of the Prolific driver on the PC. Picking the 2008 version,, immediately fixed the issue.

    W8 I assume is just a lost cause with these older Prolific chips.


    Mike Parfitt

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    Peter Crew

    Hi Frans,

    I have got this working on a Mac using VirtualBox running windows (after following the very helpful instructions supplied by Recillim above regarding the drivers). The Mac driver worked out of the box for me (I'm on OS-X Mavericks 10.9.1) but I needed to install the windows drivers onto the Windows VM image. 

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